Sampling Systems

An overview of our Sampling Systems

Samples are necessary to optimise process engineering processes, control and check chemical reactions or to be able to check the quality of input materials, intermediate and end products. Sampling plays an important role in this. Sampling systems must make it possible to intervene in closed processes without danger.

The design of a sampling device is aligned to:

  • The special material properties of the product to be extracted
  • The physical condition of the material to be extracted at the place of extraction
  • Safety technical requirements of the operator
  • General technical requirements including legal frameworks
  • Design constraints

 It is absolutely imperative to extract samples securely, representatively and free of dead space.

The wide variety of balanced requirements requires the individual design of optimum sampling systems. In order to attain this goal close cooperation with the customer, represented by operation, analytical technology and safety at work, is necessary. We will be pleased to make our many years of experience and high level of flexibility in the design and manufacturing processes available to you

We provide individual solutions for the:

  • Sampling of liquids
  • Sampling of liquids with samplecooling
  • Sampling systems with sample cylinder
  • Sampling of gases
  • Sampling of molten masses
  • Sampling of solids