AUMA Maschine Actuators

AUMA is a manufacturer of electric actuators and valve gearboxes for the automation of valves. Apart from shipbuilding, AUMA actuators are in use in other sectors such as the energy sector, water management and petrochemical industry. For more than 50 years, AUMA is synonymous with valve and machine actuators, which offer customers reliable products through their high-quality standards. The AUMA product range, which is constantly being extended and refined, includes a wide range from multi-turn actuators to explosion-proof control systems.

For industrial valves, actuators from AUMA are the ideal solution to open or close liquid transport routes. Actuators can also control the flow rate.

Beyond that, AUMA actuators offer the opportunity to remotely open/close valves. Actuators play an important role in the operating systems of ships. Because of this, different areas of a process cycle can be controlled and accelerated at the same time using AUMA actuators. This ensures not only the operation of ships but also the supply of the crew and passengers.

For your application, we equip our fittings with the appropriate AUMA actuators and develop the optimal solution for you.

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AUMA Multi-turn actuators

Electric multi-turn actuators are used for the automation of valves or gate valves. These can be control valves, open / close valves or gate valves. If the actuator requires more than one full turn for the valve travel and the actuator is able to absorb the thrust forces generated in the valve, it is called a multi-turn actuator. From AUMA SA and SAR drives to combinations with AUMA helical gear units, we offer you the right solution.

The AUMA SA 8 – SA 18 series are the basis for the further development of the company.

AUMA Part-turn actuators

Electric part-turn actuators by AUMA are used where an automatic, electrically operated movement at a swing angle of less than 360 ° has to be implemented as it is the case for valves like butterfly and ball valves.

The SQ and SQR part-turn actuator series are designed for open-loop or closed-loop control of an operation. They can be combined with various controls, from the simple OPEN-CLOSE control to the microcontroller-controlled version.

AUMA Linear actuators

For valves, electric linear actuators can be used to perform linear movements. Control valves are often used here.

The compact actuators with integral controls are found in the SDL/SDG series.

AUMA Multi-turn Gearboxes

The GST helical gear units, GK bevel gear units and GHT rotary gear units belong to the AUMA multi-turn gear units and are used to increase torque. This means that the multi-turn gearboxes are used to support the multi-turn actuators, either to obtain a higher actuating force or to be able to use a smaller actuator. AUMA multi-turn actuators can also be used for manually operated valves.

AUMA Part-turn Gearboxes

If a 90-degree swivel movement is required for fittings, the GS, GQB or GHE part-turn gearboxes are used. The SA multi-turn actuators form a quarter-turn actuator with the GS part-turn gearboxes. Newton meters of up to 675,000 can thus be achieved. AUMA part-turn gearboxes can be used to support part-turn actuators in order to achieve a higher actuating force.