Our production

For more than 85 years, we have dedicated ourselves to valves and fittings for shipbuilding and industry and have been a reliable partner to our customers, distribution partners and suppliers. In addition to our commercial products, we can offer our customers the opportunity to manufacture bespoke products, making us your one-stop shop for valves, fittings and special constructions specially tailored to your needs. In addition to assembly, we can also overhaul and repair older or damaged valves and fittings for you. 

Renowned auditing inspection companies also approve fittings in our production just about every day.You can find more information on this under the heading Testing and Certification. All our products are manufactured according to the quality standards of the ISO 9001 quality management system. Thus ensuring the high quality and functionality of the valves and fittings.

Our in-house production combines valve and fitting machining based on conventional cutting technology with state-of-the-art computer-controlled CNC cutting, which benefits our customers by allowing us to respond to their specific requirements. Since 2018, our production is equipped with the DMG DMU FD 65 machine. We can use it for 5-axis machining, among other things. This allows milling and turning operations to be carried out in just one clamping and to to handle complex workflows.

We are a certified welding company

We can fall back on various welding methods: For example, we are an approved welding specialist for the so-called TIG welding (tungsten inert gas welding) 141, which includes the welding of various materials such as CuNiFe welds. 

Welding approvals:

- DIN 2303
- ISO 3834-2  Process welding 


Our materials

During the production of our valves we attach great importance to high-quality materials and stable constructions. We mainly manufacture products from stainless steel (approx. 40 %) and bronze (approx. 40 %). When it comes to our production, high-quality materials and sturdy constructions are very important to us. Needless to say, the materials used vary depending on the fittings and purpose. In addition to steel (e.g. adaptors for thread type conversions), titanium (e.g. connections) and aluminium (e.g. differential pressure test gauges), we use bronze, brass and cupro-nickel alloys. Depending on the purpose, we also utilise either cold or heat-resistant steels. In order to get an overview of the materials, you can find our material designations here.

Sampling systems: customised for you

We manufacture samplers for use in the petrochemical industry, pharmaceutical technology, tank sampling and shipbuilding. Samplers are always made internally for our customers, optimally tailored to the application in question. Samples are thus needed for the many different processes in order to manage and optimise a variety of procedures. We supply samplers for powders, liquids, liquefied gases, gases, molten materials and suspensions for temperatures up to 900°C and pressures of up to 325 bar as well as accessories such as sampling sensors for up to 1,200°C. We use stainless steel, Hastelloy, zirconium, tantalum, titanium, steel/enamel, ceramic and more in the production of sampling systems.