Quality is a must. When it comes to our products, maximum quality and safety are traditionally very important to us, which is why we introduced the ISO 9001 quality management assurance system in 1996 and extended it considerably in 2001 to accommodate the PED (Module H). Our welding certification was granted in accordance with the PED.

We also have certifications as a welding specialist in accordance with the DIN EN ISO 3834-2 and DIN 2303 standards and are active in a variety of standardisation committees and trade associations.

We are a certified welding specialist

We are not only a certified welding specialist; we also offer a variety of welding processes, including gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW), which refers to pipe welding using a nickel-based alloy, austenitic pipes and heat-resistant pipes.

At a glance

We have certificates and approvals for our company and our products according to the following guidelines.

Wir können für unser Unternehmen und für unsere Produkte Zertifikate und Zulassungen nach den folgenden Richtlinien vorweisen.

  • since 1996 the quality assurance system ISO 9001
  • since 2001 the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU (PED)
  • Function and pressure test according to EN 12266
  • approved welding company
  • certified GESTRA Service and Repair Company
  • certified ARI service specialist for ARI safety valves (repair + adjustment service)
  • certified LARC (LESER Autorized Repair Center) Partner
  • TA Luft
  • ATEX directives
  • fire safe policies
  • Food safety according to EU regulation 1935/2004
  • U. S. Food and Drug Administration

Here you can find our certificates or approvals.