ARI Armaturen

ARI Armaturen

ARI Armaturen has been an established and leading partner in the fields of control, shut-off, safeguarding and discharge of gaseous or liquid media for 70 years. The reliability and quality of ARI valves are the hallmarks of the company; since their founding in 1950, their production of valves in Germany has been subject to high quality standards.

The partnership between ARI Armaturen and Barthel Armaturen has been in existence for generations and testifies to the trusting and close cooperation. Among other things, we are a certified partner for adjustment work, spring replacement and repairs to their safety valves. Here you can find our certifications.

For custom-made product solutions, we offer customers individual and expert advice for our range of ARI Armaturen products.

Here you can find our product overview.




Steam Trapping:

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Through our own production facilities we have no problem offering custom-made product solutions. We offer customers competent technical advice and develop the right approach for you. Feel free to contact us - we look forward to your inquiry!