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  1. Flanged Strainer, 08-005-ARI
    Article Number: 08-005-ARI
    Material Body: cast iron
  2. Flanged Strainer, 08-006-ARI
    Article Number: 08-006-ARI
    Material Body: nodular cast iron
  3. Flanged Strainer, 08-007-ARI
    Article Number: 08-007-ARI
    Material Body: cast steel
  4. Flanged Strainer, 08-008-ARI
    Article Number: 08-008-ARI
    Material Body: stainless steel
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ARI Strainers in various nominal diameters and materials.

Protect your valves and equipment from contamination with high-quality strainers from ARI Valves. As a leading manufacturer of valve solutions, ARI offers a wide range of strainers suitable for various applications in the industry.

ARI strainers are characterized by their high quality, reliability and durability. They are specially designed to effectively trap dirt particles, sand, sludge and other contaminants to extend valve life. The use of ARI strainers also improves the functionality of the equipment and prevents expensive repairs.