WEKA magnetic level indicators

Barthel Armaturen sells solutions for level indicators.
Level indicators and gauge-glasses are initiated in the shipbuilding and steam boiler engineering, in chemistry plants, refineries, power plants and in the environmentalism.

Weka AG is part of the ARCA FLOW Group and manufacturer of level measurement technology. From WEKA we offer the magnetic level indicator / magnetic flap indicator.
Below you will find an overview of the functions and equipment that we offer you as official distributor and licensed manufacturer of Weka magnetic level indicators or magnetic level indicators.
Competent contact persons, the production directly in our house and short delivery times allow an optimal adaptation of the products exactly to your needs. Talk to us - we always offer you the optimal solution.

Functionality of Weka magnetic level indicators or magnetic flap level indicators

Single pole control
Equipped with a horizontal bar magnet, the magnetic level indicator or magnetic flap level indicator provides a secure and clear control of the indication rail and the transmitters even in case large wall thickness of pipes.

Magnetic guide tape
The float in the standpipe of the magnetic flap level indicator always aligns itself to the magnetic guide tape in the indication rail like the needle of a compass. The advantage of a large field density of the bar magnet thus guarantees the greatest possible degree of functional flexibility of the magnetic level indicator.

Magnetic coupling
Each flap in the indication rail of the magnetic flap level indicator has its own permanent magnet. This means that the flaps are magnetically coupled and it provides a stable position.
A clear level indication is even possible under difficult operating conditions such as vibration or change of level in addition to the damping field of the magnetic guide tape.

Temperature stability
Selected magnetic materials guarantee the reliable function of the bar magnet principle in the magnetic flap level indicator even at the highest operating temperatures while taking negligible degradation into account.

Functions of the Weka magnetic level indicators / magnetic flap level indicators:

  • level indication
  • level switch
  • level transmitter

Versions of the magnetic level indicator / magnetic flap level indicator

Modular construction system
A modular construction system makes it possible for us to align the Weka magnetic level indicators to your special requirements and the process related operating conditions. We thus guarantee the optimum appliance type for your applications with various possibilities for connection, whether side to side or top to bottom, with caps or service flanges.

Range of the application area

  • vacuum operating pressures up to PN 420 (with a float tube up to PN 630)
  • liquid density > 0.3 g/cm³
  • temperature range of -196 °C to +400 °C
  • closed floats for condensing media up to max. operating pressure of 350 bar

Processed materials
Standard materials: 316/316L (1.4435/1.4404)

All additional suitable materials like other corrosion resistant steels, steels with a higher molybdenum content, nickel alloys and special metals and plastics are available on request.

Fault free, uninterrupted function
Weka magnetic level indicators / magnetic flap level indicators work energy free and via the physical principle of liquids in communicating vessels. They guarantee straightforward commissioning of plants and ensure the visual indication of levels on site free of control, energy and faults.

Secure readability of the magnetic flap level indicator
A wide, individually coloured indication rail (standard version red/aluminium colours) ensures good readability even at large distances. The sealed and pressure resistant float chamber separates problematic liquids such as acids from the indication rail. There is no possibility of the readability of the magnetic level indicator being affected by turbidity of the medium to be measured.

Special solutions for the level indication
With the modular construction system of the Weka magnet level indicator / magnetic flap level indicator an optimum solution is guaranteed for almost every area of application. Individual colour contrasting is possible and the indication of lift positions of pneumatic and hydraulic pistons and pressure reservoir membranes is made possible by an indication rail. Please do speak to us about your own ideas for use. We can find a suitable solution.
We have many years of experience with magnetic level indicators / magnetic flap level indicators in application areas such as the chemical industry, process engineering, power station construction, shipping, for thermal and hydraulic processes, the petrochemical industry and in refrigeration engineering.

Accessories and equipment for the Weka magnetic level indicators / magnetic flap level indicators

Indication rails
With a width of 36 mm and readable from large distances as well as maintenance free due to the separation of the medium, Weka indication rails provide a secure readability even at float speeds of up to 2 m per second. The light and robust aluminum flaps withstand temperature fluctuations and vibrations without positional change. The precise indication and readability are thus guaranteed. It is advisable to cover the indication rail of the magnetic flap level indicator with a polyolefin protective tube if it is to be used in corrosive atmospheres or outside.

  • The standard polycarbonate rails are designed for a cryogenic temperature spectrum up to +150°C. They can be read over a circumferential angle of 240°.
  • For media with a temperature up to +250°C aluminum indication rails with polycarbonate covers are used. The selection of colours for the flaps in this and the aforementioned variant of the magnetic level indicators / magnetic flap level indicators can always be adapted on an individual basis.
  • An aluminum indication rail with glass covering is used at temperatures up to +400°C. The flags are now painted in black/aluminum colours.

Magnetic switches
The magnetic switch is controlled via the rear magnetic field of the bar magnet. In this way the function of the visual indication can be extended to a level detection function which serves the controlling of valves or pumps or is directly evaluated by computer interfaces. The magnetic switches of the magnetic flap level indicators are bistable and thus maintain the switching status even if the float moves past them. They are available either as a changeover switch (SPDT) or an On/Off switch (SPST). A stainless steel housing makes temperatures up to +350°C possible. Intrinsically safe designs (EEx i) or pressure resistant enclosure (EEx d) - acc. to EU-directive 94/9/EG ATEX - ensure the use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Transmitters which provide a continuous signal make the magnetic level indicator or magnetic flap level indicator into a level transmitter. They can be used up to +350°C, they are available in 2 or 3 wire versions and they are manufactured with cable outlet, plug in or terminal box.  Explosion proof versions are available here as well.

Measuring scales
Weka magnetic level indicators / magnetic flap level indicators are available with measuring scales made of aluminium/dibond or stainless steel. The measuring scales can be printed or engraved with a standard scale divsion of 10 cm or according to your needs.

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