Schley Armaturen

SCHLEY Armaturen

Schley Armaturen GmbH is a mechanical engineering company with the experience of over 100 years of high-quality manufacture of pressure reducing valves and overflow valves. The valve manufacturer is one of the leading suppliers of valves for industrial plant engineering and shipbuilding.

SCHLEY valves are available at short notice, require little maintenance and have a long service life. They are suitable for various applications such as liquids, gases and steam.

Thanks to their self-regulating mode of operation, SCHLEY valves work extremely reliably and accurately with a compact design.

All valves are available in various materials such as ductile iron, cast steel, stainless steel and bronze. The valves are available in nominal sizes DN15 - DN200 and pressure ratings PN16 - PN100.

SCHLEY pressure reducing valves

SCHLEY pressure reducing valves are used for compressible media such as compressed air, natural gas, nitrogen as well as for incompressible media such as water, oil, fuels, liquid gas (propane, butane).

SCHLEY pressure reducing valves are used in industrial plants, plant construction and process engineering as well as on board all types of sea-going vessels. The pressure reducing valves are available in various designs. The common designs are with flange, weld end or threaded connections.

SCHLEY overflow valves

In addition to the pressure reducing valves from SCHLEY, overflow valves are also produced.

Just like the pressure reducing valves, the overflow valves are also suitable for compressible and incompressible media. Two variants are offered by the manufacturer depending on the medium: With and without stainless steel bellows.

The area of application is often in pump circuits to keep a certain inlet pressure constant. The overflow valves can be supplied with flange, butt weld or threaded connections.

Schley Pressure Reducing Valves