Winteb is one of largest producers of seawater resistant aluminum air pipe heads, globally. With the introduction of the WIN2000 Air Pipe Head Series in the year 2000, Winteb set a new standard in exhaust/venting. This series is also made of seawater resistant aluminum; and revolutionary in comparison to other air pipe heads because of the WIN2000 Series’ space and weight saving design.

Winteb is constantly growing with its machinery and extensive product lines. Investments were made in a new foundry and in a larger furnace to optimize melting capacity. Currently, Winteb supplies products to 67 different countries around the world.

WIN2000 HIAS available in any coating

Winteb WIN2000 HIAS Products

We supply the WIN2000 HIAS in any coating upon customer request. Here you can find the data sheet for the vent head 10-080 2000.

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About WIN2000 HIAS

Winteb provides the smallest design in the world! In 2000 Winteb developed the revolutionary WIN2000 Air Pipe Head series, produced out of seawater resistant aluminum, which has a space and weight saving design that is revolutionary, enabling you to fit them in places where they do not form an obstacle.

This product is extremely long lasting and will pay off in the long term because of the low replacement and maintenance costs. Because of its volumetric design we have achieved an on average higher volumetric flow. Especially the larger sizes have a phenomenal volumetric flow.


About WIKO 5000 Type1A

Since the mid 1980's, the WIKO5000 series has proven to be a tough and reliable quality Air Pipe Head.

The WIKO5000-1A (angle type) is used inside a pipe system. It is available in sizes DN50 (2”) up to DN400 (16”).

The sea water resistant aluminum (DIN1725) casted WIKO5000 Series has many advantages in comparison to air pipe heads produced by competitors who use cast-iron, welded hot dipped iron/steel constructions or stainless steel. In short; using aluminium (DIN1725) the Air Pipe Heads will not corrode, require no maintenance and will obviously save you a lot of weight.

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