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Barthel Armaturen is an official GESTRA Technology Partner

We are proud to be the only Technology Partner in the North German region and offer you expert and individual advice for the complete GESTRA program. With the highest partner category of GESTRA AG, we operate throughout Germany as a provider of engineering services and complete solutions and are experts in customized solutions.

As a customer you also benefit from the technology partnership and receive exclusive advantages: for example, you can obtain valves with pressure ratings from PN63 upwards, thermotechnical apparatus and vessels or control valves from PN40 upwards. We are directly available with the technical expertise of all GESTRA products and solutions, which means faster communication channels for you. In order to guarantee you short delivery times and high availability, we keep an extensive stock of GESTRA products at your disposal.

Our expertise is also available to you on site. Our field service and technical support are at your disposal. We look forward to your inquiries and will be pleased to advise you!

Technology partnership advantages:

  • Top class sales partnership with GESTRA
  • Delivery of the complete GESTRA range
  • Products available directly from stock
  • Own assembly and production capacities
  • Faster communication channels
  • Extended technical know-how compared to other partners
  • On-site technical support by field service
  • Higher storage capacities
  • Special solutions due to own construction

GESTRA AG is an international manufacturer of valves and control technology for steam and condensate technology. As a subsidiary of Spirax Sarco, GESTRA produces check valves and steam traps as well as control valves such as mechanical pressure regulators and temperature regulators and return temperature limiters. The GESTRA product portfolio also includes industrial electronics such as level switches, continuous blowdown and blowdown valves, oil alarms and oil and turbidity detectors. Specializing in the fields of valves, industrial electronics, thermotechnical equipment and tanks, GESTRA AG, headquartered in Bremen, Germany, is a major player in the international market and can now look back on over 100 years of company history. 

In the field of industrial valves, GESTRA offers a wide range of products including DISCO non-return valves and DISCO check valves, control valves, shut-off valves and strainers. The innovative solutions in the field of boiler equipment and boiler monitoring enable considerable savings potential and thus make a sustainable contribution to environmental protection. Products for level control, conductivity control and temperature monitoring for steam and hot water boilers ensure the safe operation of systems.

GESTRA non-return valves

In this field we offer GESTRA DISCO non-return valves, especially the production series RK 41 / 44 / 44s / 76 / 86 / 86a, GESTRA DISCO dual plate check valves type BB, and GESTRA DISCO swing check valves type CB 14 / 26 / 26a / 24s / WB.

DISCO non-return valves have an important role to play in the steam and condensate network. Complicated valves can sometimes be replaced and the operational safety and automation of the heating process are guaranteed. DISCO RK non-return valves stand out due to their short lengths which means they can save space when installed between two flanges.

The DISCO double swing check valves can be a useful addition to the GESTRA non-return valves in the area of large nominal diameter for example. Low flow resistances and short lengths should be highlighted here. Versions of DISCO type BB double swing check valves stand out due to a particularly long service life and low pressure loss.

Here you can find our range of GESTRA non-return valves.

GESTRA steam traps

The task of the steam trap involves the optimum dissipation of the condensate situated in steam heated heat exchangers or systems. Liquids and cold condensates which occur in systems with other gaseous substances due to e.g. dew point differences also need to be dissipated. GESTRA offers various production series of steam traps to meet the various, system specific requirements. GESTRA steam traps mainly involve the BK, MK, DK and UNA production series.

  • GESTRA steam traps of the BK production series (also steam traps with bi-metallic regulator) include thermostatic steam traps with bi-metallic regulator as a robust version with protection against line hammers and frost.
  • GESTRA steam traps of the MK production series (also steam traps with membrane regulator) have a high level of responsiveness and control precision and automatic ventilation thanks to the membrane regulator.
  • GESTRA steam traps of the UNA production series (also ball float traps) are controlled by ball floats. They are particularly suitable for use in strongly changing operating conditions and make dissipation possible without banking up even if there are sudden changes in pressure and condensate quantity and also for the smallest differential pressures. Automatic ventilation is included in the Duplex version.

You can find furher information and our product range here: GESTRA steam straps.


GESTRA control valves

Regulating or control valves, equipped with electrical or pneumatic actuators, regulate and control systems and facilities for liquids, vapours and gases up to and beyond 250° C.

We offer GESTRA control valves in the following three groups:

  • Control valves like the FlowPak type V725 or FlowTop type V726 with electrical and pneumatic actuators.
  • Mechanical pressure and temperature regulators like the 5610 overflow valve, the 5801 pressure reducing valve and the Clorius temperature regulator.
  • Return temperature control valves like the BW31 and the BW31a return temperature control valves for thermal oil systems and also cooling water control valve CW41 and cooling water control valve CW44.

Our full product range can be found here: GESTRA control valves.


GESTRA industrial electronics

Economy and operational safety are key factors for boiler operation. System automation and visualisation are also becoming an increasing focus of the operators. Here GESTRA provides a complete range of wear free and low maintenance electrode systems and the associated control and evaluation electronics. The systems go beyond the actual boiler equipment and also integrate peripheral container systems into the regulation and control process in order to guarantee efficient and fault free operation.

There are the following distinct groups within GESTRA industrial electronics:

  • Blowdown valves like type BA46, BAE46 and intermittent blowdown valves like PA46 and MPA46 in manual and automatic versions
  • Oil alarms units like the oil indicator OR52-5 and oil indicator for cooling water ORGS11-2
  • Level electronics like level switches of the NRS (NRS1-7) production series, indication units (URA), level controls of the NRR production series, level probes, level electrodes and level transmitters of the NRGT (NRGT26-1) types, combination electrodes (NRG16-38/39) and water level limiters of the NRG (NRG16) production series.

Here you find our range of GESTRA industrial electronics.

GESTRA oil detectors and turbidity indicators

Oil detectors and oil alarm units monitor and report oil ingress into water cycles or the ingress of alien substances in transparent liquids. For this purpose we offer the oil alarm ORGS 11-2 and the TURBISCOPE OR 52/5 oil and turbidity detector and OR 52/6.

Here you find more information on GESTRA oil and turbidity detectors.


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