Koch-Neuburg® products

Koch-Neuburg® products

Koch-Neuburg flow indicators and full flow filters

In February 2022, we took over the production and distribution of the flow indicators and self-cleaning main flow filters that have become known under the name Koch-Neuburg®.

Due to our own production we are able to meet your individual requirements and offer optimal solutions for your applications.

We attach great importance to high quality in our products. Since 1996, we have therefore been working in accordance with the QM assurance system ISO 9001, which was comprehensively expanded in 2001 to include the DGRL (Module H).

We are not only an approved welding company DIN EN ISO 3834-2 and DIN 2303, but also offer a wide range of welding processes. Among them, for example, the so-called TIG welding (tungsten inert gas welding). This includes the welding of nickel-based alloy pipes, austenitic pipes and heat-resistant pipes.

Flow indicators

Flow indicators are used wherever a flow needs to be indicated but not measured.

We produce three different types of Koch-Neuburg flow indicators:

All flow indicator types are fitted out with the secure head screw connection.

Excluding an inadmissible bracing of the sight glass, these types of flow indicators are an optimal choice for hard operations in industry.

The flow indicators are used for showing streams in low viscous fluids, gas and fumes.

Full flow filters

Centrifugal pumps like sleeved-motor pumps, magnetic coupling pumps or pumps with axial face seal, need a cleaned partial product flow to avoid damaging from abrasive substances to the axial face seal as soon as to the split-tube or the split-case.

On this occation, the application of a full flow filter with integrated cross flow filtration is an ideal solution. The full flow feed flows axially through the cylindrical filter cell. Using the side connection of the filter housing, the cleaned-up fluid will be drained off. As a rule, the filter is mounted on the pump´s outlet side.

Different models of full flow filters are available for different requirements: