Flow indicator with rotary triangle and screwed connection

Flow indicator with rotary triangle and screwed connection

Media flow is indicated by a rotary triangle located directly underneath the sight glass (paddle wheel flowmeter).


  • very noticable triangle, even in low transparent flow media
  • easy fingertipped sapphire peak bearing even for small flows, by that a secure start-up and operation; high operating time based on a long lifetime
  • very good indication of gas streams, for no lubrication of the bearing is necessary
  • standardized for horizontal mounting
  • threaded connection G1/4 to G11/4, resp. L18 or L22
  • Body material: brass, steel, stainless steel
  • Working range (fluids): 30L/hr to 4000L/hr, divided in 4 flowing ranges
  • maximum nominal pressure: PN64
  • maximum operating temperature: 100°C

Koch-Neuburg® types/type names: 

  • GrA/A0
  • GrA/A1
  • GrA/A2
  • GrB/A1

Impeller flow indicator with rotating triangle

In order for a system to run properly, flow measurement is important. As the name suggests, it can be used to determine whether a medium is flowing. Non-visible media, such as gases, can only be detected by optical measurement. Koch-Neuburg® flow meters or flow indicators provide a virtually error-free measurement. The flow is indicated by rotation of a triangle directly below the viewing window (impeller principle). If the flow is turbid or milky, the triangle behind the sight glass can still be easily seen. In addition to the triangular body, spheres can also make the flow visible. For more information download our data sheet on the flow indicator with triangle.

Mounting and operation

The devices are designed for horizontal installation as standard. A version for vertical installation is optionally available. The flow is indicated in the direction of the arrow attached to the housing. In the case of reverse flow, the triangle is stationary. The individual types are marked by a minimum and maximum flow rate.

Impeller flow indicator in detail

  • very well visible triangle, even with low transparency of the flow medium
  • smooth-running sapphire tip bearing, thus safe start-up and operation, even for small flow rates; long service life due to long bearing life
  • very good indication of gas flows, since no bearing lubrication is necessary
  • designed for horizontal installation as standard connection thread from G1/4 to G11/4, or L18 or L22
  • materials housing: brass, steel, stainless steel
  • working range (liquids): from 30l/h to 4000l/h, divided into 4 flow ranges
  • maximum nominal pressure: PN64
  • maximum working temperature: 100°C

Types/type designations: