Maintenance and repair

As a service provider and partner, we can offer you the following at short notice and on-site at the plant:

Scope of services

  • Repair and overhaul of fittings
  • Repair of GESTRA fittings such as steam traps and non-return valves
  • Inspection and replacement of steam traps
  • Repair, maintenance and readjustment of safety valves
  • Set-up, replacement and adjustment of drives and control valves
  • Documentation, labelling and assessment of steam traps
  • Evaluation and documentation of the assessment results in a database


We also manufacture the following at our Hamburg production facility

  • Special valves and fittings in small batches or as individual items
  • Special plants
  • Series of fittings such as pressure-reducing stations


What you need to know about steam traps

Barthel Armaturen can offer you routine inspection of your steam traps using an ultrasound test gauge on-site. The inspection system used documents and evaluates ultrasound vibrations on the housing surface. Our service can help you identify weaknesses in your steam and condensation system and thus reduce your operating costs. A defective steam trap leads to a loss in steam and subsequent problems, which can increase a plant’s operating costs by €400 annually. Experience shows that plants without regular inspections have a steam trap failure rate of between 15 and 25 per cent. Regular steam trap inspections and maintenance can reduce this failure rate significantly to approximately 5 per cent. Depending on the duration of operation, each defective steam trap can lead to costs between €400 and €2,000 annually. In comparison, new steam traps are available from around €130 depending on the device type and size. Here, you can find detailed information about steam trap inspection.