Boiler Equipment

Boiler Equipment

Boiler Equipment

Reliability, availability and efficiency have top priority in the field of boiler operation. As a reliable partner, we offer our customers professional advice and boiler equipment from one source.


GESTRA steam boiler electronic and GESTRA valves

  • Water level electrodes “high-integrity design”
  • New level electrode NRG16-50 with new switch NRS1-50
  • Also available: level electrode NRG16-11 respectively NRG16-11S for seagoing vessels with switch NRS1-7b
  • Overfill protection “high-integrity design” level electrode NRG16-12 the switch NRS1-51
  • Water level controller with NRGT26-1 respectively NRGT26-1S for the ship steam boiler
  • Conductivity measurement/continuous blow down valve/intermittent blow down operation with a conductivity electrode LRG16-9, the switch LRS1-7a, the blow-down controller LRR1-5 and LRR1-6 as well as with the continuous blow-down valve BA46 and BAE46
  • Intermittent blow-down valve PA46 and MPA46
  • Measuring kit VRM
  • Temperature controller type TRG5-65 and temperature pre-amplifier type TRV
  • Pressure controller and pressure limiter DSF

GESTRA Condensate monitoring


GESTRA oil- and turbidity controller type OR52-5 for monitoring the ingress of foreign particles such as oil, fat and so on existing of the measuring detector ORG12 and the measuring unit ORT6

Barthel Control systems


PKC, MKC and TKS controller in local switch cabinet

Barthel control valves

  • Barthel feed water control valve type 24-5 with pneumatic or electric actuator up to PN 40, ANSI CL300


  • JIS 40K Barthel 3-way switchover valve type 24-53 with pneumatic or electric actuator

Barthel sampling system cooler type 58-160-004


  • CR Grundfos feed water pump with low NPSH valve and high working safety
  • UPS Grundfos circulation pump


  • Barthel safety valves type 05-030 for steam boilers
  • Barthel globe valve as STOBU or FABA valve
  • Gauge glasses
  • RK Disco non-return valve
  • Reflex-water level indicator
  • Level indicator type VCI (not directly on the boiler)

Further equipment

  • Barthel boiler measuring bottles
  • Connecting pieces
  • Flanges to adapt electrodes

Replacement electronic


Barthel Armaturen offers a replacement model or solutions for older systems, e.g.: ER86, ER96, ER96-2s, ERL16-1, KRR2, MR16, NRS1, NRS2, TR16, TRR5-1, VR18

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.