Industrial valves, shipbuilding valves and system solutions

In order to provide you with an overview of our range of services you will find detailed information on our individual product groups here. You will find our product range in the product catalogue on the left hand side arranged in the following categories:

Industrial valves and shipbuilding valves

In the field of industrial valves and shipbuilding valves we provide you with standard fittings like valves, slide valves, ball valves, shut-off valves and check valves. We also offer safety valves, pressure reducing valves, fire extinguishing fittings, level indicators, gauge glasses, filter strainers, separators, pressure gauges, thermometers, flanges, fittings and compressed air equipment.

JIS valves

The category JIS valves includes shut-off valves, non-return valves, quick action stop valves, gate valves, storm valves, fire extinguishing valves, axial compensators and flanges in line with JIS standard.

Navy valves

We have been supplying the German navy with fittings of all kinds for many years and we provide special solutions for the highest demands. We have built a reputation in the area of drive technology, maintenance and conversions in particular.


As an official GESTRA partner for many years we stock GESTRA non-return valves, GESTRA steam traps, regulating valves, control valves, mechanical pressure and temperature regulators and return temperature limiters on a large scale and we are therefore a reliable and flexible partner for shipbuilding and industry. We also offer GESTRA blowdown valves, intermittent blowdown valves, oil alarms, oil and turbidity indicators.

Clorius Controls

We have also been a sales partner of Clorius Controls for many years. We can supply fittings for pressure, temperature and flow regulation, control valves, thermostats, temperature regulators, actuators and accessories. We keep a comprehensive stock of Clorius Controls products in a wide range of materials and we work closely with the manufacturer.

Control valves

The area of control valves contains the groups: control valves, shut-off valves and ball valves and mechanical temperature regulators. In detail these are: manually operated shut off valves with an electrical or pneumatic actuator, mechanical temperature regulating valves and mechanical pressure relief valves. Also mechanical pressure reducing valves, regulating valves with an electrical and pneumatic actuator, mixing valves, distribution valves, ball valves with an electrical or pneumatic actuator, shut-off valves, control dampers and knife gate valves. You can also find ARI and EBRO valves here.


We offer diverse solutions in the area of industrial electronics. This includes the planning and building of switchgear cabinets or universal regulators and their programming. Our range for this is made up of boiler electronics for level, temperature and conductivity measurement, regulating circuit control, measurement electronics for pressure, temperature and power and universal regulators and switchgear cabinets with integrated regulators.

Boiler equipment

For the broad area of boiler equipment we stock Gestra boiler electronics and Gestra valves, especially level electrodes, conductivity electrodes, desalting regulators, blowdown valves, intermittent blowdown valves, safety temperature limiters, temperature pre-amplifiers, pressure regulators and pressure limiters. We also stock Gestra condensate monitoring products with oil indicators and turbidity indicators. We also have Barthel control valves and Barthel 3-port switching valves, sample taking coolers and Grundfos pumps. We can provide you with a wide range of accessories like safety valves for steam boilers, manual shut-off valves as STOBU or FABA valve, strainers, gauge glasses, RK Disco non-return valves, reflex water level gauges and magnetic visual level indicators. We also have boiler measurement flanges, connection pieces, flanges for housing electrodes and replacement electronics available.

Level indicators

We sell and manufacture many solutions in the field of level indicators. As well as liquid level indicators like WEKA magnetic visual level indicators you can also purchase tank content measurement systems, reflection indicators, gauge glasses for flanging, screwing in and welding on, replacement glasses, oil level glasses, liquid pipes and accessories from us.

Parker Ermeto

We have a special partnership with Parker Hannifin/Ermeto. We have been an authorised and certified distributor since 1937, making us the second longest standing partner. We are full line distributors. We have our own hose line facility and can provide you with the complete hydraulic and pneumatic product range off the shelf. This means we have the complete range of fittings like compression fittings, stainless steel and brass fittings, fittings with and without seal for various pressure ranges and materials and also adapters. We can also provide you with non-return valves and both high pressure valves and ball valves and also ball valves for pneumatics and low pressure. The Parker Ermeto range does of course also include pipes and pipe clamps, hose fittings, quick action couplings and SAE high pressure flanges. We also provide a comprehensive range of tools and installation technology like hose presses, flaring tools or pipe bending and cutting tools. SensoControl measurement instruments complete our range.

Sampling systems

Our individual sampling systems are designed in line with your instructions and the circumstances attendant to the process. You receive tailored solutions for the sampling of liquids, gases, molten masses and solids. We provide our sampling systems in a very wide number of versions for wide ranging requirements and we will also be able to find the right solution for your application.

High pressure valves

High pressure valves are used in power station technology and the chemical industry where there are high safety requirements for example. These are available in a variety of versions, as manual shut-off valve and manual regulating valve with an electrical or pneumatic actuator.

Measurement and control engineering

We have been manufacturing flow meters and differential pressure transducers for over 50 years. Our measurement and control engineering area includes: orifice plates and push fit apertures, measurement flanges and measurement sections, ISA-1932 nozzles, venturi tubes and venturi nozzles and also pitot tubes. We manufacture our flow meters in line with specific customer requirements.

Customised solutions

The area of customised solutions is of great significance to us. Our decades of experience and practical knowledge mean that we can find the right solution for your individual requirements whether this involves plant manufacturing, the manufacture of special fittings, line samplers or special solutions for shipbuilding.