Differential Pressure Devices

Differential Pressure Devices

Our services in the field of restriction / differential pressure devices

We have been manufacturing restriction and differential pressure devices according to the exact requirements and specifications of our customers in the energy, chemical and process engineering sectors for over 50 years. We produce restriction and differential pressure devices in accordance with the differential pressure process set out in ISO 5167 (formerly DIN 1952) and in a wide variety of designs.

Calculation of restriction / differential pressure devices

We carry out the complex calculations associated with restriction / differential pressure devices on your behalf and are there to support you in designing devices with our many years of experience in the field of measurement and control technology. For on-site fabrication of large-scale equipment (e.g., venturi meters with DN > 1500) we will also provide you with designs and calculations in order to match your requirements as completely as possible. A detailed form for calculating restriction / differential pressure devices can be found below. If you have any questions, please contact our specialist department.

Product range restriction / differential pressure devices

For your specific applications from DN 50 upwards we offer:

  • Orifice plates with annular chamber
  • Orifice plates with single bore
  • Orifice plates
  • Restriction orifice plates
  • Welding devices
  • Nozzles (standard nozzles)
  • Venturi nozzles
  • Venturi meters


Differential pressure devices for use with nominal diameter below DN 50:

  • Meter runs


Special devices:

  • RTJ orifice plates
  • Restriction orifice units
  • Differential pressure measurement using pitot tubes


Optional accessories for restriction / differential pressure devices:

  • Shut-off valves / control valves
  • Measuring flanges as per DIN and ANSI
  • Connecting flanges as per DIN, ANSI and JIS
  • Equalisation vessels / condensate chambers
  • Valve manifolds, screw connections and fittings
  • Measuring transducers and evaluation electronics        


Practical benefits of restriction / differential pressure devices

 In addition to standard applications, the restriction and differential pressure devices manufactured by us are used when the flow can no longer be measured by methods such as ultrasonic. This means that if an on-site power supply cannot be guaranteed, if superheated steam or a turbulent flow is present, or if the media is aggressive or particle-containing, our restriction and differential pressure devices offer obvious operational advantages. The same applies to degassed liquids, and particle-containing or moist gases. Our devices may be used for gases, vapours and liquids for aggressive, dangerous (e.g. acid gas) and non-aggressive fluids without any pressure or temperature limits. The evaluation of the measuring signals is done via differential pressure transmitters, which we will be glad to supply on request. Our restriction and differential pressure devices are available in a variety of materials for installation between flanges or for welding on.