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GESTRA Oil Detectors

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  1. Gestra Oil Detector, OR52/6
    Article Number: OR52/6
  2. Gestra Oil Detector, OR52/5
    Article Number: OR52/5
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Oil and turbidity detector "TURBISCOPE" types OR 52/5 and OR 52/6 are used to observe the transparent fluids of contamination. The oil and turbidity detector OR 52/... exists of the measuring element ORG 12 or ORG 22 and the measurement transformer ORT 6.

Examples of use:

  • In steam boiler construction to control condensate for contamination of oil and fat, according to TRD 604 Bl. 1 (required twice at a 72h-operation)
  • raw water observation and water treatment (gravel filter, full desalination equipment, reversal unit)
  • brewing and beverage industry (filtration, flavour inspection, quality control)
  • oil content measuring device for feed water and condensate conditioning

Oil detector type ORGS 11-2 to observe water cycles for oil incursion, e. g. for cooling water control. Compact building types with measuring tank, shut-off ball valve, breather and measuring electrode. Mounted ready for connection. Alarm release at approximately 50 ml oil.

The oil detector type OR 52-7 (15 ppm – Bilge alarm) to observe the bilgewater equipment on seagoing vessels is not available anymore.