Jet A1 Sampling Unit

Function of Jet A1 sampling units

The design of the Jet A1 sampling units always complies with 'EI/JIG STANDARD 1530 Quality assurance requirements for the manufacture, storage and distribution of aviation fuel to airports' as per Section 9.3.5, but is adapted to the special customer requirements and additional statutory requirements at the installation location. The units are used both for sampling aviation fuel and for effectively removing water and particles of dirt.

The configuration enables safe, high-volume preliminary dewatering of the sump of tanks into a 400-litre recovery tank. A second train enables laboratory samples to be taken or a visual inspection of the aviation fuels to be conducted in the 4-litre VISIJAR. A Shell Water Detector Test or a Velcon Hydrokit Test can also be performed using a self-sealing valve.


The fuel enters the glass container without pressure through a ball valve with a dead man's control. The incoming fuel is forced to generate a vortex, as a result of which contamination and/or suspended water are concentrated at the bottom of the VISIJAR and can therefore be detected more easily during the visual inspection.

Depending on equipment, various tests can be performed. These include, for instance, a density check, a temperature check and checks to detect water ('clear and bright' quality check / SWD Shell Water Detector). Once the tests have been completed, the drain valve is opened and the sample is drained into the recovery tank without pressure.

Self-closing fittings ensure simple and safe handling. The safety cabinet with interior lighting is designed to protect the environment and allow safe 24h operation.
Samples that are no longer required can be returned to the process via a funnel with a filter insert that is installed on the recovery tank. The tank is equipped with a fill level sight glass, an aerator and ventilator and an end of line flame arrester.

The sampling units are designed completely in stainless steel.