Sampling of Molten Matter

Sampling of molten matter

For molten matter samplers for extracting bitumen, liquid sulphur, molten phenol matter etc., the sampling system is connected sideways to the pressure vessel via a flange connection.

The safety technology of the system combines the channeling process with the safety cabinet solution - both are safety technical aspects which are also recognised as state of the art by BG Chemie and recommended. So a fixed sample volume is enclosed and overfilling of the sample collection vessel is prevented. The safety cabinet creates the spatial separation between the filling process and the operating elements necessary for sampling. These are placed on the outside of the cabinet.

The sampling system is activated via two spring resetting pneumatic actuators. These are controlled with the help of a multi-port valve which guides both actuators to the closed position (ZU) when not activated. The control valve can be moved up from this safety position in order to open the sample inlet and the sample outlet can be activated by moving it in the opposite direction. If there is a control change the safety setting closed (ZU) is the default setting.

The control air for the pneumatic actuators is released by closing the cabinet door. The system activation is installed in such a way that manipulation without the aid of a tool is not possible.

The valve opens the valve cone in the process. The additional sealing force from the process pressure is used. A ball valve is provided in the sample outlet so that a defined sample volume is separated between this and the first barrier (inlet valve).

The sample chamber is filled with control air or N2 via a purging connection which is led to the first barrier and thus supports the sample discharge. This is particularly advantageous when extracting highly viscous products. The purging is introduced by a corresponding relay of the pneumatics in parallel with the sample filling.

Double jacketed steam heated molten mass samplers are another possible version. Here the valve body and the sample pre-chamber are heated up to the ball valve. Here too filling takes place in a safety cabinet.

Steam heated molten mass samplers for pipes are mainly designed as bottom valves. The product flows through the valve. The flow is not interrupted by the sample being taken.

The pipe which conveys the product is guided through the safety cabinet so that the outlet path is reduced to a minimum.

  • Designed for up to 450 °C
  • Double jacket (designed for 40 bar)
  • Flange connections according to DIN EN
  • Activation manual or via hand controlled pneumatic actuators
  • Pneumatic interlock circuits for a high level of safety at work