Sampling of Liquids

Sampling of Liquids

Sampling of liquids

In addition to standard solutions like sampling valves with hand wheel and bellows or valves with dead man's handle without safety cabinet, we provide you with liquid samples with protective shield and safety cabinet. This design enables safe filling of the bottle without the liquid spraying over the bottleneck. At the same time the gases and vapours suppressed by the product are dissipated via an annular gap in the head of the bottle. We can offer the safety cabinets for sampling systems with lighting or viewing window and various seals as an option.

If a fixed extraction volume is required we provide a special system for this purpose. With this sampling system a sample volume of 230 ml is transferred outwards when the hand lever is turned through 180°. In this way the constant volume is filled in the sample bottle.

In the basic position the product flows through from the sampling tap. The complete sampling process occurs when the hand lever is activated. In doing so, the product inlet and outlet are closed first of all. As a result the sample volume is separated in the tap. When the hand lever reached its end position, the sample outlet and the inertisation are opened parallely. The sample is filled in the bottle and it is available for further handling.

The sample bottle is in a safety cabinet depending on the version of the sampling system. This sampling tap can also be equipped with a pneumatic actuator.

In addition we offer a sampling system for liquids and also vertical pipes in an enameled version for particularly corrosive media or in needle/septum technology. The sampling of liquids with sample cooling also forms part of our scope. This type of sampler is used for the sampling of liquids at higher operating temperatures and to extract platformate at 180 °C, methyl ethyl ketone toluene mixtures or also furfural at temperatures up to 150 °C and operating pressures up to 12 bar among other things.

A ribbed cooler is flanged below the extraction fitting in solid construction. This cools the sample quickly and also enables the enclosure of a defined sample volume (up to 200 ml possible).

A sampling system with a bypass line is designed for the sampling of gas emitting liquids i.e. liquids with a high vapour pressure. Fresh product constantly flows through it. The sampling process enables the path from the constantly purged bypass line to be cleared for the sample if the one hand control device is activated. The control valve further back in the direction of flow is closed during this process. The complete product flow in the bypass line flows through the sample container. At the same time the operating pressure in the system is controlled via the manometer display.

The one lever operation with automatic spring reset is provided with a limit circuit against the fire safe ball valves of the vent pipe (slop system). When the one hand device is activated a bolt is forced into the operating mechanism of these release taps so that it is not possible to open the release valves during the filling of the sample container.

The sample container can easily and securely be connected to the sampling system and an appropriate laboratory docking station via screw locks. The sample cylinder is secured against overfilling with an immersion tube.