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Other Navy Valves

Other Navy Valves

Our delivery programme also comprises sight glasses, filter, scuppers and deck plates:

  • Deck plates
    acc. to VG 85291 form A and B (Barthel type 16-364)
    nominal size: M80x3 and W82x1/6

  • Filter (mud box)
    acc. to VG 85346 (Barthel type 16-353)
    nominal size: DN 32 to DN 350

  • Sight glasses
    acc. to VG 85520 (Barthel type 16-404)
    nominal size: DN 32 to DN 100

  • Scuppers
    acc. to VG 85347 (Barthel type 16-245)
    nominal size: DN 50 and DN 70