GESTRA Blowdown Valve, MPA47

Article number
The GESTRA blowdown valve MPA 47 is installed in pipelines for draining boiler water. The sludge quick-closing valve is automatically operated by hand. The MPA 47 sludge valve is used to drain off sludge-containing boiler water with non-metallic solids from steam generators. When opened, the valve abruptly releases a large outlet cross-section. This allows precipitated sludge to be discharged. Units of the MPA types are equipped with diaphragm actuators for automatic operation.
Connection Type Flanges acc. to DIN and ANSI / socket weld ends / weld-on end
Material Body Steel (1.0460)

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Art. Nr. DN PN kg
MPA47-25 DN25 PN63 13.00
MPA47-40 DN40 PN63 18.00
MPA47-50 DN50 PN63 20.00
More Information
Article number MPA47
Nominal Pressure PN63