GESTRA Continuous Blowdown Valve, BA46

Article number
GESTRA continuous blowdown valve (regulating valve) BA 46 - manually operated. The REAKTOMAT BA 46 valve is brought into the regulating position by means of the regulating lever. The scale helps to regulate the blowdown quantity (boiler lye).
Connection Type Flanges acc. to DIN and ANSI / socket weld ends / weld-on end
Material Body Steel (1.0460)

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Art. Nr. DN PN kg
BA46-15 DN15 PN40 4.00
BA46-20 DN20 PN40 5.00
BA46-25 DN25 PN40 5.00
BA46-32 DN32 PN40 7.00
BA46-40 DN40 PN40 10.00
BA46-50 DN50 PN40 12.00
More Information
Article number BA46
Nominal Pressure PN40