Flanged SDNR Valve, 01-389J16K

Article number
bolted bonnet and gland
Norm JIS F7378
Connection Type flanges acc. to JIS B2220 - 16K
Material Body cast iron
Seat Sealing metallic

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Art. Nr. DN PN L H ØD
01-389J16K-050 DN050 16K 120 255 155
01-389J16K-065 DN065 16K 130 270 175
01-389J16K-080 DN080 16K 150 295 200
01-389J16K-100 DN100 16K 170 330 225
01-389J16K-125 DN125 16K 200 390 270
01-389J16K-150 DN150 16K 225 435 305
01-389J16K-200 DN200 16K 250 540 350
More Information
Article number 01-389J16K
Nominal Pressure 16K