Parker Tubes and Tube Bends

Seamless EO tubes and tube bends according to DIN 2391.


  • St 37.4 steel and 1.4571 / 1.4541 stainless steel


  • tubes from 4 to 65 mm o.d.

Surface finish:

  • outside and inside phophated and oiled or outside zinc plated yellow, inside oiled

New: CF-Free:

  • Outside with thick-film passivation (Chrome VI free), inside oiled with more than 100 hours corrosion resistance against white rust.

Wall thickness:

  • tubes from 0.5 to 10 mm
  • tube bends from 1.5 to 10 mm

Working Pressure:

  • up to 700 bar (depending on tube o.d. and wall thickness)

Inch-Dimensions available.