ToughShield™ Plus Coating Technology

Parker Hannifin zinc nickel coating

ToughShield™ Plus is a protective coating for steel pipe fittings and adapters. Parker's innovative technology provides superior corrosion resistance and protects equipment for significantly longer.

Longer operating time due to ToughShield™ Plus technology.

  • Increases the service life of Parker fittings
  • Reduction in maintenance
  • Shorter breakdown times
  • Reduced corrosion transfer to other components

Download: ToughShield Plus Sheet 

Parker's coating is patented for all steel tube fittings as well as adapters worldwide. It is the first commercially available standard coating system in the Parker fluid power industry.

Directly applicable? Parker's upgrade is bound to the assembly process without any changes.

Point of costs - corrosion protection

It goes beyond replacing the defective products. The associated downtime of operations as well as staff is an huge side effect of rust-defective components. Therefore, it is important to keep the corrosion risk and associated costs as low as possible right from the start.

Through salt spray tests (ASTM B117 / ISO 9227) and two cyclic corrosion tests (CCT) - ISO 16701 and SAE J2334, the fittings with ToughShield™ Plus are validated. As a result, this form of coating protects against red rust for up to 3,000 hours after the neutral salt spray test.