Clorius Controls Straight Way Valves

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  1. 2-way Control Valves, G1F
    Article Number: G1F
  2. 2-way Control Valves, G1FB
    Article Number: G1FB
  3. 2-way Control Valves, H1F
    Article Number: H1F
  4. 2-way Control Valves, H1FB
    Article Number: H1FB
  5. 2-way Control Valves, H1FBN
    Article Number: H1FBN
  6. 2-way Control Valves, L1S
    Article Number: L1S
  7. 2-way Control Valves, M1F
    Article Number: M1F
  8. 2-way Control Valves, M1FB
    Article Number: M1FB
  9. Clorius 2-way Control valve, G2F-DN100-150
    Article Number: G2F-DN100-150
  10. Clorius 2-way Control valve, G2F-DN20-80
    Article Number: G2F-DN20-80
  11. Clorius 2-way control valve, G2FM-T
    Article Number: G2FM-T
  12. Clorius 2-way Control valve, G2FR-DN100-150
    Article Number: G2FR-DN100-150
  13. Clorius 2-way Control valve, G2FR-DN20-80
    Article Number: G2FR-DN20-80
  14. Clorius 2-way Control valve, H2F-DN100-150
    Article Number: H2F-DN100-150
  15. Clorius 2-way Control valve, H2F-DN20-80
    Article Number: H2F-DN20-80
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26 items

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Clorius Controls two-way valves are available in single-seat and double-seat versions, both as opening and closing valves.

As solid cast steel, gray cast iron and nodular cast iron version, the connection is made by flanges, in the red brass version by internal thread.

These valves are used for temperature control.