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Line Sampler / Drip Sampler

Line Sampler or Drip Sampler for the representative extraction of fuel samples from bunker lines!

In order to assure and check the quality of bunkered fuel, it is vital to sample it during the bunkering process, so that a visual check of the product can be carried out, as well any as analyses are required.

Fritz Barthel Armaturen GmbH & Co. KG has designed sampling systems (Line Sampler / Drip Sampler) for this purpose, by means of which samples can be taken from the bunker line and still comply with the strict regulations of the DNVPS (Det Norske Veritas Petroleum Service).

Linkage with customised product lines. The systems can be designed for both horizontal and vertical pipelines. When ordering, please indicate the direction of flow.

Products are manufactured to suit customer needs.
Materials: 1.4571 / 1.4541 / SS 316.

Nominal widthPNAD [mm]ID [mm]LK [mm]Overall length [mm]N [No. of perforations]D/Æ [mm]
DN 4010/161504311020418
DN 5010/1616554,512520418
DN 6510/1618570,314520418
DN 8010/1620082,516020818
DN 10010/1622010718020818
DN 12510/1625013121022818
DN 15010/1628515924022822
DN 2001034020729524822
DN 25010395260350261222
DN 30010445310400261222


Sizes as per DIN

Scope of supply includes:

  • 1 stainless steel flange component
  • 1 sampling sensor incl. manometer (0 – 10 bar), needle valve, container holder, plug (PVDF)
  • Screws, nuts, 2 seals
  • 5 Cubitainers®, 5 l
  • 1 adapter for the DNV Cubitainer


Line Sampler Flyer [PDF 102 KB]

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