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Barthel Armaturen Product Catalogue (Single Chapters + JIS Valves and Fittings)

 01 - Valves

stop valves, non-return valves (SDNR), bellow sealed valves, diaphragm valves, screwed bonnet valves, needle-/regulating valves, quick closing valves, aeration/venting valves, air valves, high pressure valves, solenoid  valves, discharge-/outlet valves, foot valves a.o.   

02 - Gate Valves

knife gate valves, wedge gate valves, oval gate valves, quick closing gate valves i.a.

03 - Ball Valves

ball valves, compact ball valves, drain cocks, high pressure ball valves, hose ball valves, compressed air ball valves i.a.     

04 - Butterfly Valves and  Non-Return Valves

butterfly valves (wafer-, mono-, lug-, double-, high performance types) with different actuators, (double-)non-return-, storm-, throttle valves i.a.     

05 - Safety/Pressure Reducing Valves

safety valves (normal or full lift type), relief-/overflow valves, pressure reducing valves, backflow preventer i.a.    

06 - Fire Extinguishing Valves

fire extinguishing and deck valves, solid-, blind-, pressure- and suction adaptors, flange adaptors/-connections, accessories i.a.    

07 - Level Indicators and Sight Glasses

level gauges, sight glasses, oil level windows, magnetic level indicators, reflexion indicators, level switches, water gauges i.a.     

08- Filters and Strainers

strainers, mud-, single- and duplex filters, driers and purifiers, oilers, maintenance units i.a.     

09 - Pressure Gauges and Thermometer

gauge cocks, gauge valves, pressure gauges, thermometer, pressure shock preventer, gauge adaptors, cooling pipes for gauges, accessories i.a.     

10 - Various Valves and Fittings

outlet-/deck screw fittings, sounding cocks, drain plugs, scuppers, air pipe heads, pumps, compensators i.a.  

11 - Unions, Connections, Fittings and Flanges

soldering and welding connections, welding, soldering, thread, blind and slip-on flanges, pipe parts, threaded, soldering and welding fittings, plugs, locking and union nuts i.a.  

12 - Accessories

hose connections, compressed air-/quick closing couplings, hose nozzles/-clips/-clamps, caps, hand-wheels, cock wrenches, lubricating nipples, caps for feed pipes, sealing rings i.a.

13 - Hoselines and Pipes

low- to high-pressure hose lines, hose lines for general industrial and special applications, soft and hard pipes of various materials

15 - Technical Appendix

certificates, measuring tables, material lists

17 - JIS Marine Valves and Fittings

globe valves, non-return valves, quick closing valves, gate valves, ball valves and cocks, butterfly valves, storm valves, fire extinguishing valves, various valves/fittings, unions, connections and flanges according to JIS-standard

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