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Control valves

Stop and control fittings are used to control and monitor technical processes involving gaseous and liquid media in all shipbuilding and other industrial sectors.

In order to meet the requirements concerned, we offer different valves and accessories. In detail:

  • stop valves manually operated, with electric or pneumatic actuator
  • mechanic temperature control valves
  • overflow valve (mechanical)
  • mechanical pressure-reducing valve
  • control valve with electric or pneumatic actuator
  • ball valves with electric or pneumatic actuator
  • butterfly valves (shut-off and control) with electric or pneumatic actuator
  • knife-gate valve

All control fittings comply with state-of-the-art technological standards and quality requirements as per DGRL 97/23/EG, Guideline 94/9/EG (ATEX) and DIN IEC 534.

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High Pressure Control Valve [PDF 1,37 MB]
Regulating Valve [PDF 2,46 MB]
Control Valve 24-50/24-51 [PDF 757 KB]
Control Valve 24-52/24-53 [PDF 758 KB]
V725 [PDF 371 KB]
V726 [PDF 1,473 MB]

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