Gestra Programme-Controlled Blowdown System, TA6

Article number
Programme-Controlled Blowdown System TA 6 on mounting plate,
Ready piped and wired,
existing of:

- cycling timer PRS-7b
Interval time adjustable in steps of 0.5 h within a range of
0.5 h...31.5 h
Pulse duration adjustable in steps of 1 s within a range of
1 s...63 s
Exit: 1 potential free change-over contact

- three-Way Solenoid Valve 340 °C
Connection G 1/4 DIN 228

- Strainer
Connection G 1/2 DIN 228

- double nipple
Connection G 1/2 / G 1/4 DIN 228

Standard 230V, optional 24V, 120V

Standard 50 Hz, optional 60 Hz
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Article number TA6
kg 0.000000