GESTRA Non-return Valve, CB26

Article number
GESTRA Non-return valve CB 26 with short overall length. Installation in horizontal pipes or rather in vertical pipes with upward flow. CB 26 for sea water and other saline fluids for which the equipment material is suitable. CB 26, CB 26 and CB 26A are wafer-type swing check valves with short overall length to EN 558-1, series 96. The equipment features non-slam spring-assisted closing.
Connection Type Installation between flanges 
Material Body Bronze (CC483K-GS)
Seat Sealing EPDM, FPM, NBR or PTFE

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Art. Nr. DN PN kg
CB26-50 DN50 PN6-40 0.90
CB26-65 DN65 PN6-40 1.00
CB26-80 DN80 PN6-40 2.00
CB26-100 DN100 PN6-40 3.00
CB26-125 DN125 PN6-40 5.00
CB26-150 DN150 PN6-40 6.00
CB26-200 DN200 PN6-40 13.00
CB26-250 DN250 PN6-40 22.00
CB26-300 DN300 PN6-40 32.00
More Information
Article number CB26
Nominal Pressure PN6-40